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Career Opportunities

Being an emerging aerospace startup, Mountain Aerospace Research Solutions, Inc. AKA MARS Engines, is constantly looking to identify talented contributors to meet the challenges associated with designing and manufacturing our breakout propulsion systems.  While all of our specific positions vacancies are advertised on LinkedIn and can be reached by clicking on the LinkedIn icon in our page footer, if you would like to join our future talent pool, please use the below general form to forward your resume and let us know how you might see yourself contributing to the MARS Engine team and fulfilling our mission.  We are focused on making the next generation of Space Technologies.  Speed of iteration and depth of skill are the hallmarks of our organization.  Every member of our team is focused on delivering the absolute best in reliable and robust space hardware.  We are people developing technology for the benefit of our clients and humanity.  As we build as a company, we will likewise be looking to build our talent deck across the full range of aerospace and general business competencies, so if the MARS mission excites you we hope you will be in touch. 


We are currently looking for extremely talented, passionate, forward thinking individuals in the following areas:

  • Materials science

  • Energetics and combustion

  • Manufacturing

  • Extreme pressure hydraulics and vacuum

  • Control systems and electronics

All prospective candidates should contact us via the below form or our general contact email and forward their resume and a cover letter detailing interest and anticipated contribution to the MARS Engines mission.  All applicants should be aware that due to the controlled nature of our products, having U.S. citizenship or being a Green Card holder is a criteria for virtually all of our design and manufacturing positions.

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Interested to Join Us?

Please complete the adjacent form to register your interest in joining the MARS Engines team.  Please let us know where and how you see yourself contributing to the MARS Engines mission.  Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for submitting!

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