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Our Engines

We make an additive manufactured rocket engine that uses air-augmentation in a novel way to increase the power and efficiency of rocket engines beyond what was once considered possible.  We believe these design-derived gains in power and efficiency will disrupt the Aerospace Propulsion industry and reduce the cost of placing objects in space.  Our engines have the potential to make the fastest way to transport something, also the most cost effective.  Our design-derived gains were only possible through advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling, high power computing and 3D printing, combined with years of R&D.  The future of flight is MARS Engines.

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Our current focus:  The FENRIS MK2-X

The MK-2X is the culmination of 5 years of intense R&D.  Thousands of hours worth of parametric modeling and CFD went into the final monolithic engine design.  This engine began as an idea in 2018 and today it is a reality, in a circa 200lb engine you can fit on the passenger seat of your car.  While still in the experimental stage, the MK2-X heralds what MARS Engines can do for the Aerospace Propulsion industry with our innovative engines and technology.  We have been awarded 6 patents overall on our novel engine designs and considering how long rocket engines have been around, that underscores MARS Engines' innovative approach to propulsion technology.

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Our initial test article:  The FENRIS MK1

Our MK-1 prototype was a low power proof of function test, designed to gather data which could be modeled and compared with the CFD of the same test in order to establish a baseline data set.  We were testing an annular combustion chamber on a rocket engine with holes in both ends.  Low power was a wise choice; we showed you can make an annular configured air-augmented rocket engine that works without needing forward air-speed.  As far as our research shows, that was a world first.  The uncooled engine ran for 120 seconds and resulted in a successful test. 

Fenris Test
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